Boys Bears and Scares | Review

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My number one party movie for this Halloween season is…

I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker.

While Van Helsing gets all the glory as the great vampire hunter, it was Jonathan Harker who really introduced the world to Dracula. So for a change, we have a movie that focuses on the Harker descendants.

And what a goofy little crew it is. A handsome gay guy has come back to the small town in which he grew up in hopes of helping his siblings—a tough talking sister and an awkward, socially inept geek—raise money to save the house in which they grew up.

The trio still has a vampire skull their family has guarded since killing Dracula in order to keep another vampire from rising in his place.

Unfortunately, they use it to exploit their family’s vampiric legacy while trying to make the money for the house… (click for the full article at

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