Fin de Los Mundos Review

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Fin de Los Mundos Review
Fin de Los Mundos Review


The past Nocturna Festival 2016 we were lucky enough to attend the screening in world premiere of this hooligan and funny movie. It was on February 4, 2015 when the creators of the “The Good Cops” began their funding campaign through Kickstarter and in just one month, after reaching their goal, the filming of “I Had a Bloody Good” was officially announced. Time at House Harker “. The truth is that it is appreciated that this has not been one of those projects funded by crowdfunding that end up falling on deaf ears, it would have been a real shame.

First, both the director and the actors attending the Nocturna Festival took the street audience with its fun and unusual presentation, and it was a perfect introduction for what we were about to see: Just before to start the screening, and after going onstage the team of the film to present it, appeared running through one of the corridors of room 1 of the Palafox cinema another member of the team loaded with shirts that said “I Have a Bloody Good Time at House Harker “(the same shirts that are distributed in the film) and throwing them in an unrestrained way to the public that we gathered there, putting on a funny show… (See the full review at Fin de Los Mundos)


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