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The badass indie-flick of the week is GOOD SATAN! Read Ned Morris’ thoughts (transcribed here) or save your brain the effort and watch the video!


Hi Uhhhh… This is Ned Morris coming to you live at the old Harker House. In Gerry’s closet right now, I’m fixing his door, because um… I ACCIDENTALLY broke it. So, fixing it today. Uh, but we did do a double feature last night and I want to talk to you about that. I have to whisper, Gerry is sleeping in the next room, so we’ve gotta be quiet.

But first up, we watched TWIRL, then we watched another movie called THE GOOD SATAN. Now this was a good movie to me. Um, but Gerry was like, “Aw, the production value sucked donkey dick!”

And I was like, “I don’t know anything about that!” I’m not an actor, I’m not a filmmaker! I carve wood with a chainsaw for a living, that’s what I do… Ned’s Wood. But I gotta tell ya, I know a good belly laugh when I hear one and I heard a lot of belly laughs coming from Gerry, coming from me, coming from Paige, coming from Charlie… We all loved it!

It was a good movie, you should go check it out. Again, The Good Satan!


Ned is being forced by his best friend Gerry to improve his cultural literacy. For this reason, Ned has to sit through a whole lot of crappy, low-budget, independent movies… many times, every week… it’s usually awful. HOWEVER, every once in a while, a gem pops up that is worth your time to watch! So, Ned has asked us for a place on to share his thoughts on some of the more notable movies that he’s seen. If you’re considering a micro-budget indie or want to know if the one you are considering is terrible (in a good or bad way) then this is your place and Ned Morris is your man. Please leave comments or questions below and Ned will respond.

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