Movie Break Review

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Movie Break Review


…Surprisingly, however, this does not detract from the fun at all. It does not ignite any joke, but they are just churning until you can not fight back. In addition, there are always new ideas and even a few staged gimmicks. The enthusiasm for the project and the fun of the production drips from every pore and makes the film and everyone involved so sympathetic that it completely forgoes many technical weaknesses. The movie is just a thousand times more fun than many a movie that wants to be trashy, and the makers think you could do it half-heartedly.

An enthusiasm for Edgar Wright shows not only in the behavior and the facial expressions of Ned (Derek Haugen), who strongly reminds of Simon Pegg in facial expressions and gestures, but also in one or the other joke and the type of camera work. That’s not to say that it was shamelessly copied here, just that the influences are just as obvious as Ned’s passion for woodcarving: Ned’s Wood… (See full review at Movie Break)

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