Shriekfest Radio Interview

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Shriekfest Radio Interview with Noel Carroll and Clayton Cogswell.

Good Cops Entertainment is a production company started by Noel Carroll, Clayton Cogswell, Jacob Givens and Derek Haugen. The team came together in 2011 to produce the web series Good Cops, a story about 80’s styled detectives who use faulty logic (that turns out to be absolutely correct) and explosions to solve innocuous crimes. The show was an immediate hit and was bought by digital giant Machinima who funded the even more successful second season of the show. The Good Cops team then went on to create the show for which they are best known, Tumbleweed. This fast-paced, comedy takes place in the world of a western video game, where a rotten, teenaged gamer tries to chase skirts and cause trouble, but the video game itself keeps brutally punishing him for doing so. Most recently, The Good Cops completed their first feature film, “I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker,” a movie about three idiots who hire a vampire actor to convince a skeptical town that vampires exist. Things get bloody when the hired actor is killed and replaced by an actual vampire. The movie was picked up for distribution by Shoreline Entertainment and made its US premiere at Shriekfest in 2016… (Listen to the interview on Shriekfest Radio)

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