Todo Ocio 3D Review

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Todo Ocio 3D Review


Many times it is said that one should not know their idols, since it is possible that you get a disappointment (I know from experience). But sometimes it’s just the opposite: talks with the people in charge of a film and you end up taking more love than you expected. This is what happened to me with “I had a bloody good time at House Harker” (from here only “House Harker”): if when I left the screening it was already clear that it was a great movie, after being able to chat with the team (director, producer and actors), now I’m an unconditional fan.

Why? Well, because they are lovely people who show that they love cinema. Not in vain we are talking about a small budget film, which needed to ask for help on Kickstarter to complete its postproduction and perfect its visual effects (which, everything is said, are most worthy). Those responsible (as they told me in the interview that will be published soon) met every weekend, for several months, to be able to shoot the film that was presented to the public for the first time in Nocturna, in what was its world premiere (and the first of which I trust is a large number of successful passes around the world)… (See full review at Todo Ocio 3D)

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