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Whitney Moore stars in Vampire Comedy. Bloody Disgusting.
Whitney Moore stars in Vampire Comedy. Bloody Disgusting.

Heading exclusively to Amazon on October 13, 2017, is Clayton Cogswell‘s indie vampire flick I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker, which looks like an absolutely wild ride!

In the film, the descendants of Dracula’s slayer take advantage of horrible accidents to convince a town that a vampire is near. Things get complicated when it turns out to be true.

It stars Whitney Moore, host of Bloody Disgusting’s “This Week in Horror”, not to mention star of Birdemic, Breakdown Lane, among many other various projects including A Horrible Way to Die and Theatre Bizarre. We’re always excited to see her appear in a new horror film!

She’s featured alongside Derek Haugen, Jacob Givens, Noel Carroll, Whitney Moore, Arlan Godthaab, Nathan Lorch, Nate Lane, Megan O’Neil, Peter Story, Talya Carroll, Milena Ferriera, Jahdai Pickett, and Cezil Reed… (See the full article at Bloody Disgusting)

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